About Us

About Us

Pro-sivep Trading Pty.Ltd is a 100% black-owned company (BEE) registered and trading within the laws of South-Africa.

Mr Sipho Phaloane   Managing Director

Mr Sipho Phaloane has extensive experience in the areas of Information Technolgy and capital raisings, IPOs and liaison with market analysts and potential investors, together with corporate governance. Serving as the chairman of uitvalgrond Executive committee and trustee in the PMT (Peo Matlafatso trust)realising the interests of beneficiaries and communities within the mining sector.

The responsibilities of the Board include:

Protection and enhancement of shareholder value.
Formulation, review and approval of the objectives and strategic direction of the Company.
Monitoring the financial performance of the Company by reviewing and approving budgets and monitoring results.
Approving all significant business transactions including acquisitions, divestments and capital expenditure.
Ensuring the adequate internal control systems and procedures exist and that compliance with these systems and procedures is maintained.
The identification of significant business risks and ensuring that such risks are adequately managed.
The establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standards.
Evaluating and, where appropriate adopting, with or without modification, Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations.

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