Prosivep Trading Pty.Ltd is one of the most preferred and leading chemical suppliers of industrial chemicals to mining Industries based in Brits, South-Africa. With several years of industrial experience, Prosivep Trading stakeholders are well aware of the chemicals and industrial supplies that are required by mining industries and thus help and maintain strong business relationships with many mining companies operating in North-West province and National. Our proven and responsive supply chain is end-to-end, from credible and accredited laboratory testing to shipping requirements and delivery. Prosivep alliances with leading chemicals manufactures provide high-quality products and continuity of first class supply.

We understand the need for a safe and secure supply of key mineral processing reagents on-site to ensure continuous operation, and Prosivep Trading can implement contingency plans to assist in this regard. We supply high-quality Mining Chemicals for mineral processing, Platinum, chrome, vanadium, gold production amongst others at a reasonably economical price.

Ammonium sulphate-(NH4)2SO4 Granular

An excellent fertilizer for the soil and crops in general, make the foliage, vigorous growth, improve fruit quality and yield, strengthen crop resistance to disasters, can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing, and kind of fat.

Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, is strictly prohibited to store with lime, cement and other alkaline substances. Forbidden to transport when sun and rain, to prevent the bags damaged.

(NH4)SO4 98%
N 20.5%
Moisture 1%max
Free acid 0.15%max
Appearance granular
Size 2-4 mm

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